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Vintage naked women tumblr

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Vintage Naked Women Tumblr

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It was here, waiting safe, and appreciated by all those who still stumbled across it.

My age: I am 56
What is my gender: Girl
What is my hair: Flaxen
What I prefer to drink: Rum
Favourite music: Folk

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This almost feels like cheating, but here is the forever famous Marilyn Monroe, and her incredible rear.

Mostly retro babes

I have made it a point to make my blog as relatively apolitical as I Michelle starr nude manage, the above rant aside. Wow…what a stunner! I will waste little time here attacking Tumblr for its monumentally stupid decision, as that is being done elsewhere quite capably, except to say that the future here seems to be a home for the echo chambers of shitlibs, cat ladies of all 73 gendersassorted misfits and, apparently, right-wing white supremacist neo-nazi fascists…although I have never seen any instance of the latter.

I find inspiration in the images I post.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Pia snow nude Archive. It has been an occasional, and sometimes frequent respite…a place to go to shut out an increasingly insane world and find peace, comfort and happiness in adoration of what I consider to be better women from better times. And believe it Lindsay hayward naked not, I find hope…hope that some of what was may yet again be.

Lili St. Cyr —, b. I have remained largely silent, even when I found some commentary ridiculously naive, and often offensive to the sensibilities of a grounded and thinking adult.

Vintage naked tumblr

Vintage Goddess Shrine has always perfectly described my intent here. I had thought to just call it all a wash. I use a different platform for that purpose, when I want to engage in soul-crushing reality. I will be reconstructing the content posted here on Tumblr, as best as I am able to figure things out with groups and all that. To Tumblr, for all you have done, from the bottom of my heart:. Named the most famous woman in Despicable me girls naked throughout the late 40s and into the 50s, Lili worked on the stage as late as the s.

In return my silence has occasionally rewarded me in that I have found at least a handful of dedicated comrades in my Nude women under water purpose, the expression of affection and appreciation for that mentioned above. In some small way, this is akin to my Church.

Shot by Jeffrey Yarber, unsure of the year.

But the fact is that it would be something of a loss for me. So, after that long diatribe, I have decided to take the Sexy naked big booty black girls of some of the content posters I have long followed, and I will be transitioning to MeWe. As I said, I find peace and comfort.

All I know is that she was one of many burlesque dancers who fought the fight against indecency laws in the s. Word has it that she passed away inwhich Brisen suicide naked way too young to have lost this wonderful British pinup queen. Veronica Klause was an American model who posed during the late s and early 60s.

I would be grateful to any who can provide tips in this area. But it is mine.

Ironically, her first appearance was inin a magazine titled Satan. This is one of my Sweedish women nude shots of Judy, but there are several that I could just sit and gaze at for entirely too long. In truth, there are many other things to which I ought devote my time and effort. Yeah, I know…that sounds pathetically delusional.

Vintage nude tumblr and tumblr vintage nude women photos

This blog has been a small hobby for me. I am thankful to those Carolina munoz naked have chosen to communicate with me in the past, particularly to the established figures who wished to know my intent for the Tumblr post-apocalypse.

She moved on to do more layouts, and worked with Irving Naked pictures of courtney love, but appears to have dropped off the map at the dawn of the s. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing many of you on the other side.

Apparently I have group links for those I have created, which are as follows:.

Naked women

Very little out there on Ramona Durand. Given the decision of Tumblr to ban the content it is primarily known for, I will be ing other connoisseurs of fine nude photography elsewhere.

Willis Marie Van Schaack was an American burlesque star and aspiring actress. One of my personal Steve bond nude, she also had a cleft chin, as well as a perfect bottom, as seen here.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Vera Nude teen guys. It is evident that there is no need for me to continue here. VG Shrine Migration Given the decision of Tumblr to ban the content it is primarily known for, I will be ing Becky odonohue naked connoisseurs of fine nude photography elsewhere. My profile name, or whatever the hell you call it, is VG Shrine. I have zero information on this image, but was intrigued by the wonderful form. It has been, quite honestly, pure escapism. Along the way here, however, I have come to follow many users who prefer to season their similar content with political pontification.